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Why is squirting research important?

We believe people deserve accurate information so they can make smarter decisions to build a healthy and pleasurable sex life.

Squirting (often known as female ejaculation) is one of the most searched sexual phenomena on the Internet. But most of the content is either over-glorifying or shaming it, and myths around it abound. High quality, comprehensive scientific research on squirting is severely lacking. We seriously don't have enough information on it right now. 

Dr. Zhana and Kenneth Play want to change this.We want to offer a better understanding of squirting using legit sex science and from a humanizing perspective.

You can also check out our SQUIRTING RESOURCES down below for the science we're already doing, the education we're teaching, and more!

We decided to take matters into our own hands!


Step 1

Do people like partners who squirt? What techniques, toys, positions, & contexts make vagina-owners squirt? Is squirting always a (better) orgasm? We put together a comprehensive survey that answers these questions and more.

Thank you for over 8,000 responses!

The survey is now closed.


Step 2

What percentage of vagina-owners squirt? What is the ejaculate made of?
We designed a research event to answer these two key questions an online survey can't answer!
50 non-squirters.
10 squirting facilitators.
A whole lot of squirt to send off to a lab.

Taking Place Summer 2024


Step 3

What will we do with our research findings? Put them in an art exhibit for everyone to enjoy!

The most comprehensive squirting research to date, all on display. Plus other art and interactive pieces that portray squirting in all its messy complexity.

Taking Place Winter 2024

What is Squirting according to Research?

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Free Squirting Tutorial

We are so grateful for everyone who took our squirting survey! As a thank you we want to offer you a free squirting tutorial. 

Learn Kenneth Play Signature Squirting Technique

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Squirting Stories From Our Survey


 “I am definitely not comfortable with the fact that I do it. I don't like the mess and it is really embarrassing. I am extremely confident sexually so it is weird to have a part of my sexuality that I am not 100% confident about. I don't want to mess up a guys bed or anything. I am not upset that I do it, but I have not come to terms with it yet. ”

Woman, 28, white

single, mostly heterosexual, US

“At 62 with a new partner, after death of partner I'd been with 39 years, I started squirting for first time, why did it take till now to discover this fabulous mythical unicorn????”

-Woman, 62, white

in a monogamous relationship, heterosexual, Canada


"For me, squirting and orgasms are not necessarily linked. While it's possible for me to do both simultaneously, but the vast majority of the time, if I'm going to squirt, it will be well before the actual point of orgasm. Also, as far as attitudes about it: as a trans man, I find squirting identity-affirming and empowering because I can ejaculate like cis men, and this was my primary motivation in wanting to learn to do it.”

-Trans man, 27, white

single, gay/lesbian, US

“It was super liberating, and made me feel awesome because generally it can be very hard for my partners to help me climax, maybe because of sexual trauma I have had in the past or control/trust issues that keep me from letting go fully during sex. I have often felt broken. But squirting made me feel NORMAL and TALENTED!!! I actually laughed out loud from how hilarious and awesome it was. I was shocked by how much fluid came out too...”

-Woman, 25, Korean-American

single, heterosexual, US